2019 Kadayawan Festival: Your Guide to Davao’s Thanksgiving Event

Madayaw, Dabaw!

A month before the annual thanksgiving event, Davao City Mayor Sarah Duterte-Carpio officially launched the 34th Kadayawan Festival 2019 at Dusit Hotel. 

Mayor Inday Sara said that this year’s Kadayawan will be a different Mindanaoan experience for everyone. All events are spread out during the weekends of the entire month of August to accommodate more visitors and tourists during the festival season. Knowing that Davao City continues to drive more domestic and foreign tourist arrivals for the past five (5) months, which already hit a million mark.  

This year, the celebration will focus on traditions and dances of the 11 tribes called Bantawan and tribal games, or Dula Kadayawan, as well. 

So, come and witness the highlights, the sights and the flavors of 2019 Kadayawan Festival! Here is your perfect guide to experience an ultimate Mindanao travel in Davao City.

Celebrating A Good Harvest and Thanksgiving of A Serene Living  

Kadayawan comes from a friendly greeting “Madayaw” and Dabawenyo word “dayaw”, which means beautiful, good, treasured or valuable. Celebrated every month of August which is also the harvest season of Davao City. 

Now, discover what you can expect this year’s Kadayawan Festival 2019. Check out this calendar of activities!

  • Agri-trade Fair. Showcasing the bountiful harvest of Davao City such as displaying the local green produce, flavors and many more.
  • Subang Sinugdanan ug Panagtagbo. Re-enactment of convergence and the official opening ceremony of Kadayawan Festival.
  • Tabuan sa Kadayawan. Featuring the local flavors, arts, dry-goods and Kadayawan-inspired products in a weekend market.
  • Mugna Kadayawan. There will also be an on-the-spot wall art competition.
  • Bantawan. A series of cultural shows featuring the tradition and dances of Davao’s 11 tribes.
  • Hiyas ng Kadayawan. A prestigious search for the most beautiful Dabawenya.
  • Dula Kadayawan. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the tourists and visitors to interact with the 11 tribes through tribal games.
  • Sayaw Kadayawan. An artistic fanfare of folklores, cultural practices and traditions through dance.
  • Indak-indak sa Kadalanan. A street-dancing competition showing the vibrant colors and traditional costumes from different regions.
  • Tunog Kadayawan. A special songwriting competition to showcase the living heritage of the city.
  • Pitik Kadayawan. A drumbeating competition that features Kadayawan-inspired sounds and music.
  • Pamulak Kadayawan. A floral float parade highlighting the abundance of Davao region’s flora and fauna.

But, wait! There’s more! 

What to Do in Davao City beyond Kadayawan 

Apart from its annual celebration, there is so much to see in Davao City. And, believe me, you don’t wanna miss visiting these places. So, let’s start with Kadayawan’s Official Icon and where to find them.

Take a Selfie with the Philippine Eagle 

Credits to Davao City Tourism

The Philippine Eagle is endemic and it can mostly be found in the forests of Mount Apo. It is also an endangered species, most powerful and one of the largest eagles in the world, which is why a Philippine Eagle Center and Foundation was created to preserve its race. Getting up close and personal with the eagles would be an utmost privilege for you. 

Be Enchanted with the Queen of Philippine Flowers

Credits to Davao City Tourism

We are proud to say that Davao indeed has the best of the best! And, if you’re looking for the most beautiful flower in the world, Davao has the Queen of Philippine Flowers, Waling-waling. According to folklore, this lovely flower is worshipped by the Bagobos as Diwata. With its rarity and colourful hybrids, surely, you will be mesmerized of its majestic beauty at Malagos Garden Resort.

Get a Taste of the Exotic King of Fruits

Credits to Davao City Tourism

Yes, it’s quite smelly but it’s so DAMN nutritious! It is rich in Vitamins B6 and C, potassium, magnesium, riboflavin, folate, manganese, calcium, protein and anti-oxidants. Head on to Magsaysay Fruit Vendor Association and get a taste of durian – the king of fruits!

Conquer the Mount Apo Summit    

Credits to Davao City Tourism

If you’re into adventures, the Grandfather of the Philippine Mountains is waiting for you! It’s the highest peak in the country and the dream summit of every thrill-seeker. But, you don’t have to be a pro to conquer this summit as it offers a lot of trekking packages for you. Once you reach the peak, it gives you the feeling that you are nearer to our Creator. Satisfying, isn’t it?

Other Places to Visit

  • Davao Peoples’ Park. A 4-hectare urban park inspired by fours (4) icons of the city.
  • Davao Crocodile Park. An animal hub for an animazing and exotic experience.
  • Davao Museum. A center where Mindanao’s culture, history and ethnicity are preserved.  
  • Roxas Night Market. A great place for the cheapest street foods with the best-tasting grubs.
  • Eden Nature Park and Resort. A dwelling spot where lifestyle and nature met.  
  • Malagos Chocolate Museum. The home of award-winning and world-class chocolates.
  • Vista View Resto. The best view of Metro Davao at night.
  • Aldevinco Shopping Center. The largest shopping center for buying local crafts, cultural products and souvenir items.

How to Get to Davao City

You’re probably kicking right now and asking how to get here! Well, this is the best part.

By Air

If you’re from Manila, Cebu, Clark, or other parts of the world, there are direct flights to Davao City. It has the biggest and the busiest airport in Mindanao. The Davao International Airport features modern airport facilities complete with the latest navigational, security and baggage handling equipment.

By Sea

For those who want to travel by sea, there are also direct routes to Davao via Manila such as Superferry.

By Land

For those who are travelling by land, there direct trips to Davao City such as Philtranco (via Manila), Rural Transit (via Cagayan de Oro) or Bachelor Express (via Butuan or Surigao).

Also, when you are around the city, a lot of mode of transportations you can ride with. From jeepneys to taxis, from multi-cabs to “payong-payong”, it can take you anywhere you want to go. 

Getting Around Davao

While it is true that Davao is under Martial Law, you can still enjoy and have some fun around the metro. Here are some few things to remember.

  • No Smoking in public areas.
  • No serving of Alcoholic beverages from 12 midnight until 5 AM.
  • Bring Identification Cards (IDs) always. For foreigners and visitors, bring your passport or other proof of identification.
  • There’s a speed limit in every street or main roads. 
  • Strictly No drunk driving.
  • No driving and riding motorcycles without helmets.
  • No carrying of backpacks and water containers/bottles that are not transparent.
  • No carrying of firearms and bladed weapons.
  • No jacket policy during Kadayawan but you can take it off upon inspection.
  • Book early accommodations prior to the festivities.
  • Call 911 in case of emergencies.
  • Enjoy and have fun in Kadayawan Festival 2019!

It’s More Fun in Kadayawan sa Davao

Come and witness the fun, the story, the flavors and the people’s great hospitality. Discover what’s waiting for you at the festivity and share your wonderful Mindanao travel experience in Davao.

Dali na ug uban na sab kita sa pagsaulog sa Kadayawan dinhi sa Davao!

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