It is our commitment to give the world a small taste of a great Mindanao experience through captivating travel and lifestyle content.

We are a Travel and Lifestyle media outfit that is moving towards becoming the ultimate online portal for all things awesome in Mindanao.

We invite you to witness our journey together through a great island filled with life, culture, community, adventure. Through a great island that is Mindanao.


Mindanao Travel Channel (MTC) is an online media outfit based in Mindanao that cares about the general public’s welfare and well-being. MTC serves as knowledge and discovery guide to the fast-paced world by showing not only the finest of Mindanao but also the positive countenance of what it can offer. MTC encourages travelers to visit Mindanao. Its objective is to promote the natural wonders of Mindanao.


MTC is born from the idea that as a digital media company, it ought to show the splendor of Mindanao; in the process, the negative perception towards the island shall be lessened. Its holistic and distinctive approach is based on the most sensible and practiced scheme: to guide, build, grow and amass the venture that fits the public. MTC exists to showcase the tourism, travel, entertainment, food, people, events, sports, and culture, exclusively only here in Mindanao.